Anonymous: oh okay sorry idk


Anonymous: I'm sure that your "hiatus" is just to get attention and for everyone to have pity on you and beg you to stay

So, why do not you shut your mouth before making judgments? Who is wanting to call attention here is you. Mind your own life before you talk shit there because really, I’m not in the mood to discuss and give attention to people like you.

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Maria ending

To me this is the hardest ending to get in the game. Considering what happened in “Born from a wish”, I’d say it could be a bad end for James, but a happy one for Maria

"Stay by me, Harry! Please. I’m so scared. Help me… Save me from them! Please… Harry…"


I made this for my dear SH fans


James Sunderland: How do you know about that? Aren’t you Maria?
Maria: I’m not your Mary.
James Sunderland: So you’re Maria then?
Maria: I am… if you want me to be.


✖ List of Favorite Video Games Characters:

6. Henry Townshend  - Silent Hill 4

What the hell…?


"Close my eyes

I go to sleep

It’s always there

I start to weep”